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I have been heavily involved in the Outdoor Industry for a number of years and this has afforded me the unique opportunity to have seen and used the finest of every form of equipment available.  As a result of this, I know what is good, better, and best.  I have also acquired a distinct taste for using only the cream of the crop and when that comes to the latest and greatest in Ice House/RV/Toy Hauler combinations that recently have become vogue-Yetti Fish Houses has proven themselves to be strides ahead of the rest in both quality and innovation.  You will simply not find a better value available…at any price.  Believe me as I have ran the other so called “better brands” and they simply do not compare.  The detail is immaculate and the materials and workmanship are impeccable.  These are truly your “Dream Ice Houses” and can be customized in any fashion you want or can imagine. I am an Independent Retailer for Yetti Fish Houses and have done so with a friend of mine, Sludge. Yeah, that’s right his name is Sludge. And to think they call Southern folks rednecks!

As an Independent Retailer we can offer all of the  models Yetti produces at Factory Direct Pricing. As we both have separate successful businesses in our own right; we do not need to make a great deal of money on each unit sold and can therefore not only meet-but easily beat-anyone’s price on a comparable unit of any brand.   Plus, it’s fun to have them around and in return…we get to use and fish out of the best. It just doesn’t get any better than that and we would love to show you what we and Yetti can offer you.  If you are seriously considering moving up to the finest units on the market, it can even be arranged for you to spend a day on the ice with us and experience first hand what we are talking about…and catch some fish in the process!

These units are unquestionably the envy of the Industry and if you have not had the opportunity to see one first hand, you owe it to yourself to do so.  They are unique in that they are constructed of all aluminum components and will literally provide you with a lifetime of use.  These are not mass produced for economy. Each unit is handcrafted and painstakingly designed for the discerning angler. The real beauty of this is that they can be used for so much more than just Ice Fishing. Many folks employ them as Toy Haulers (Cycles, ATV’s, or Snowmobiles easily slide out the units equipped with a back ramp door and you now have a fully functional camper to return to after the days activities).  Air conditioning is an option that is easily accommodated as well for comfort in any weather.  The amount of uses are literally only limited by your imagination.

This helps to make them a much better value than just purchasing a separate Ice Shack or a Toy Hauler, or Camper for that matter. Why not have all 3 for the price of 1?  This will no doubt help to  satisfy the sensibilities of the Spouse or Banker (maybe one in the same in your house).

To view all basic models and specifications, please visit the factory website at and then give us a call and we can talk about all of the details, custom options, and pricing…as well as answer any questions you may have.

Please Note: Serious Potential Buyers are Eligible for an on Ice Demonstration

CALL DENNIS AT 605-887-7069 or SLUDGE AT 605-460-0434 or the Shop at 605-472-3100.

We are located just outside of Ashton, SD along Highway 281.